Sunday, January 4, 2009

He's looking like an agent!

Scott on the day he reached his reserve agent goals and became a career agent!!

After five months of school and four months of getting his agency started, Scott has completed the requirements of a reserve agent and is now considered a "career" agent for Farmers Insurance Group. What a journey it has been so far! If you're wanting to eliminate stress, I wouldn't suggest changing careers when you are in your early forties and supporting a wife and five children! I will say this, Scott has always been an amazing provider and takes that role very seriously. For that very reason, I was open to the idea of a career change when Scott first started talking about it. Even though it was totally scarey, was a huge step out of my comfort zone, and didn't make a lot of financial sense at the time; we both felt like a our path was being guided by Heavenly Father and we both felt a sense of peace. When I start to panic (which I often do) about how it's all going to work out, I go back to those feelings of peace, take a deep breath, and put my trust in the Lord and in Scott's feelings of urgency to make this whole thing work. Along the way there have been MANY tender mercies, MANY acts of kindness and MANY life lessons learned.
I am grateful for Scott...he's the real deal...a kind, thoughtful, humble, unconditional love kind of guy. I applaud his success, admire his commitment to things that REALLY matter and I wish him joy in our journey.


Blarney Girl said...

It's pretty cool that I personally know my insurance guy and it's not some impersonal voice on the other end of the phone. :D

Jeanette said...

Congrats Scott.

I think I needed to read this post tonight. Thanks.

Melissa said...

Congratulations Scott! and way to go Lori for blogging!!!