Friday, September 12, 2008

Preparing for Ike

Are you allowed to blog twice in one day?!? So, Porter just asked if he could go play the Wii at a friends house down the street. I hesitated just a little and in order to cinch to the deal he says, "Please Mom, this might be the last day we live!" Yes, it is Friday and no, there is no school today! We are preparing for Hurricane Ike which is headed our way within hours. It was weird to wake up this morning to a clear blue sky knowing that within the next 24 hours we are in for a major storm. I did learn a few things from previous storms and have not felt the panic of getting gas or groceries...I took care of that on Wednesday when the lines were not too bad. I have spent time this morning gathering all of our scrapbooks, journals, geneaology, and important documents and putting them in rubbermaid containers. We have our 72 hour kits and tent close at hand. The patio furniture and other backyard "stuff" is inside the house. I have searched and retrieved several working flashlights, a battery powered radio, and have plenty of batteries. We have plenty of drinking water, four 55 gallon barrels full of water and will fill the bathtubs with water soon. I need to send Quincy in to clean the downstairs bathroom (it's her job) on the off chance that all seven of us have to cram in that bathroom in case of tornados. We have not boarded up windows (we don't have the sheets of plywood) and I wish I couldn't hear some of our neighbors boarding theirs up because then it makes me a little nervous. We are worried about being without power and with winds predicted at over 70mph in our area losing eletricity is a very real possibility but there isn't much we can do to prevent that. I am hoping to that will be well here at the Adelman home...we'll keep you posted.


So...about this blog thing! I created this blog a month or two ago but have felt very intimidated by the whole thing. I love keeping up with friends near and far through their blogs although I rarely comment. I've since been told that there is a name for doing's called blurking I guess. The name makes it sound like a bad thing but I guess a lot of people do it. My hesitation with blogging is mostly that I sometimes wonder if what I do each day or have to say is really all that interesting. Then there is the thing about who you are really blogging for. For me personally, I guess I want a way to keep in touch with our extended family and friends all over the country and also as a way to journal the everyday events in our lives. I was such a faithful jounal keeper up until I had little ones and I am sad to think of all the memories lost because I didn't make time for journaling as a mother of little ones. I do have quite an impressive amount of scrapbooks starting with the time I met Scott up until the present...they are I will give myself a little credit. What I hope a blog will be for me is a journalish type thing that allows me to remember the everyday things in addition to the scrapbook type stuff. Does that make sense?!? goes! Wish me luck! And until I can get a little tutorial from my computer savvy kids, you won't be hearing any music or seeing any video clips on this blog!